Book Review: Granville – Alice J. Black & David Owain Hughes


‘Granville’ by Alice J. Black and David Owain Hughes is the first book I have read by either of these two authors. Alice J. Black has recently popped up in a couple of anthologies and debuted with her YA novel ‘The Doors’ in 2014. David Owain Hughes likes to write a more visceral, bloody and gory style of horror (which I love!) He has been very busy of late with appearances in various anthologies as well as releasing his own works such as ‘Wind-Up Toy’.  ‘Granville’ is a slasher style horror featuring the transformation of young Stanley Reynolds from a bullied boy into a masked murderer. The main character is a sad sort; unloved by his mother, abandoned by his father and ridiculed by his peers. It is little wonder he becomes the monster Granville.

The cover art for this book is great. It’s dark, scary and makes you want to dive in straight away! Although the plot isn’t perhaps the most original, the story moves along at a brisk pace, the characterisation is solid and the book features some harrowing scenes as Stanley becomes more and more comfortable behind the mask. I always find it interesting when two different writers come together on the same project. There have been occasions where the different styles haven’t quite worked out too well, but thankfully this isn’t the case here. You will at times find yourself almost routing for Stanley as he terrifies the community with his barbaric acts. The twist at the end of the tale was a doozy. I really didn’t expect it, and that’s always a good feeling when that happens.

If you like slasher style horror then this is the book for you. ‘Granville’ is well written, exciting in parts and has enough gore for extreme horror fans.  It’s only short (novella length) but it does pack quite a punch. Overall, I enjoyed this book. It can be easily read inside of a couple of hours and was just what this reader was looking for.

You can pick up a copy of ‘Granville’ from here.

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  1. roadienotes says:

    I liked this one too !


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