Children of the Dark by Jonathan Janz (Book Review)

I did another guest review for Splatterpunk Magazine. This one is for ‘Children of the Dark’ by the excellent Jonathan Janz-a writer who gets better and better! Check it out and then go get yourself a copy!


Children of the Dark by Jonathan Janz (Sinister Grin Press)

I have been a fan of Jonathan Janz since I came across his novel THE NIGHTMARE GIRL. A certain Mr Keene had dropped his name a few times, talking him up as one of the current writers of horror fiction’s strongest voices. THE NIGHTMARE GIRL was a fantastic book. I loved it. Janz grabbed a hold of me and wouldn’t let go until its bloody conclusion. He had found himself a new fan and so I picked up a couple of his other releases in DUST DEVILS and EXORCIST ROAD… Damn! This guy is really, really good. Fast forward to late last year and Janz released WOLF LAND. His bloody take on the Werewolf myth was an epic tale that breathed new life into this classic beast.

This leads us nicely to 2016 and the latest book from Janz –…

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