Book Review:Tread Gently Admidst the Barrows – Jack Rollins.


Jack Rollins has carved a bit of a niche for himself with his own brand of Victorian style storytelling. His style has feet that are firmly planted within the horror genre. Last year I came across a story by Mr Rollins called ‘The Séance’ Despite it’s short length the tale was a captivating read that managed to capture the Victorian gothic feel perfectly and was a refreshing change for this reader.

This latest short story is again set long ago, but this time we travel to Sweden where a team of railway builders are steadily disappearing. Engineer Oliver Stroud is determined to put to rest the growing belief that a mythological creature is responsible for the disappearances. He and a small team set out to discover the truth but get much more than they bargained for!

This short story is aimed at Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Unfortunately this service is not available to us Australians, so I parted with my hard-earned cash and picked up a copy for a very reasonable price. It is a great tale. Rollins again manages to capture the feel perfectly and succeeds in giving meat to the bones of his characters despite the books short length and It does take quite an unexpected grisly turn which I really enjoyed.

Overall this is another tick in the box for author Jack Rollins. A writer with an original voice that you really should listen to.

You can pick up a copy from here.

You can also check out Dark Chapter Press. Rollins publishing company.

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