Book Review: Got your Back – John Mcilveen


Q. What would you do if you woke up one morning and your spine was missing?

This novelette from John Mcilveen tells the tale of Ricky Briggs; a man who wakes up in this very serious and uncomfortable position. The story follows Briggs as he tries to come to terms with this situation.

I haven’t read anything my John Mcilveen before but I had heard great praise for his novel ‘Hannahwhere’ so I thought I would take a shot at this little number. I am so glad that I did. ‘Got Your Back’ has a strong paranormal element to it that works well. Although the story reveals the why quite quickly, it doesn’t feel rushed. Briggs is not the most likable of characters. He treats his partner with contempt and he hides a dark secret from his past which is the reason for his current predicament. I found myself strongly disliking this character the more the story progressed.

‘Got Your Back’ is a very interesting and highly original tale. It has elements of fantasy (no dragons or swords thought!) and psychological horror. The ending gave me one of those WTF moments and I thought it was brilliant. John Mcilveen certainly has found a new fan in me.

A quick read that comes highly recommended. You can pick up a copy of it here.



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