Book Review: The Blackest Eyes – Adam Cesare


I have been a fan of Adam ever since I stumbled across one of his books a few years back. ‘Video Night’ was just what I was looking for at the time-a nostalgic read that featured lots of 80’s VHS references, great characters and gore! Ever since finishing that book I was hooked! I went and picked up his other books that cemented my belief he was a writer on the up.

‘The Blackest Eyes’ is his most recent release and contains two short stories along with an excerpt from his forthcoming novel ‘The Con Season’

This book is the perfect introduction to his work for new readers, whilst being another solid entry to his catalogue for us fans. It features two very different stories that highlight Adam’s versatility as a writer. I have to be honest; when I was reading the first story I was wondering where it was going….then, all of a sudden ,BANG! things get a little crazy and I really enjoyed it. The ending was terrific. If you have read any of Adam’s other books then you will know that he does this regularly.

The second story is much different and will appeal to those who have read his Broken River Books novella ‘First One you Expect’, which is a superb read. It is very different from the first story, but, like I said before, it serves to show this writers versatility. He is not afraid to take chances, taking his own brand of horror into a slightly different direction. As a big fan of ‘First One you Expect’ I was delighted to read this accompanying short.

The excerpt from’The Con Season’ is great! an Indie film maker gets pulled over by a couple of underdressed police officers who wish to search his vehicle. I won’t tell you what happens but it sets up the story nicely and leaves you with a ‘cannot wait to read this’ feeling in your stomach.

Those that are new to the works of Cesare should definitely check this out. It is a steal at 99c and I think you will be well pleased that you did. Adam Cesare is a writer you should be reading if you’re a fan of quality horror fiction. Dig on it.

Just remember. Whatever you read folks, don’t forget to leave a review 🙂

You can get ‘The Blackest Eyes’ from here.

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