Book Review: Shine Your Light On Me – Lee Thompson

This new novella from Shock Totem Publications is a bit of a strange one. It isn’t really a horror novella, I’d say that it’s more of a thriller, though it does have a couple of unpleasant scenes. So, I guess we will call it a Horriller?! WOW! I just invented a new sub-genre for dark fiction!………anyway, I’m waffling (But it is my blog, so I can do what I want, right?)


This story takes little time in getting going. A short synopsis sees a boy called Aiden LeDoux heal everybody in his fathers bar when a bright light shines from his eyes and mouth. All those with minor ailments like bad backs to cancerous tumours are instantly healed! Aiden has no idea how this has happened. Word quickly spreads of this ‘miracle’ and everybody suddenly wants a piece of Aiden and his healing hands (or face, as is the case here)

The town is filled with an assortment of characters. Some whom you will like and some you will despise. After the terrific opening, things settle down and a little of the towns history and people are explored. The character development is good, especially considering this is a novella and this is where book breathes life to it’s residents shortly before the second half where things start to get a little crazy. People will do anything to get their hands on Aiden and the books climax is brutal, but also very sad.

I liked this novella. Shock Totem doesn’t release things very often, but when they do I always take notice. It’s not my favourite novella this year but it is very good and the concept was very original. And I think the cover art is excellent, too. So, if you are looking for a new Horriller then you should definitely check this one out. Shine Your Light On Me is available Here

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