Book Review: Dark Moon Digest #22

Dark Moon Digest is a quarterly collection of bad ass Horror fiction. I feel ashamed in saying that this is the first issue that I have read. The cats over at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing (isn’t that a mouthful?!) have assembled a rather stellar cast for this issue. Patrick Lacey, John C. Foster, Benoit Lelievre and Cooper O’Connor all contributed some brilliant shorts. Patrick gets things off to a fine start with a story about a video store that specialises in home videos. Trust me it is a tale that will make you think twice about what you wish for! Elsewhere ‘Room 207’ was a particularly unsettling tale set in a motel where a customer keeps hearing strange noises coming from the room next door. The real treat though was the final tale from John C. Foster-A writer who I firmly believe is going onto make huge waves within the fiction genre in coming years. His story included here is certainly a strange and creepy one that features a house where the soviets are conducting some psychotropic experiments on young girls! Foster really is at the top of his game at the moment, with stories that are dark, sinister and highly original. If you haven’t sampled his works yet then I strongly urge you to do so.

There is a brief essay by Jay Wilburn and some short though entertaining book reviews. Also included is a excerpt from the new novel by Vincenzo Bilof called ‘Literature is for Pigs’ I read this nasty little number a few weeks back and let me tell you it’s an incredible piece of fiction and definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something to challenge you as a reader!

Dark Moon Digest is a terrific anthology of Horror fiction. I enjoyed all of the stories in this issue to some degree. For three or four bucks (depending what country you live in) you get a superb set of short stories that this reader really enjoyed. Dark Moon Digest #22 is available Here!


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  1. Shane Keene says:

    I really enjoy DMD and #22 is probably my favorite of the bunch so you picked a good one to start with.

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  2. sleedom76 says:

    How am I just now hearing about this digest? Thanks for the post on this.

    Liked by 1 person

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